Johnny Rooney's Sports Camp & Events

We offer exciting and energetic party opportunities for all age groups.  Whether it be a child's birthday, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah,  a neighborhood block party or a corporate team building exercise, the Party Academy brings everything necessary for a successful event to the location of your choosing.

  • A fun, high energy memorable party experience for your child and their guests
  • All games & activities specifically geared to be developmentally age appropriate
  • Dozens of possible party types available including PE, Color War, Baseball & Softball
  • Participation not only offers a great time, but also provides 90 minutes of physical activity as well as lessons in both team building and sportsmanship
  • Games include scooter races, relay races, tug of war, obstacle course, meteor ball & giant parachute - just to name a few

                                                 Block Parties & Neighborhood Celebrations
We bring all of the sporting equipment necessary and organize the neighborhood fun for the kids while the adults are give the chance to relax and socialize.

  • All games and activities are specifically geared to be developmentally age appropriate
  • Activities can include both team and individual events
  • DJ Services are available for an additional fee 

    Since 2006,  Fal-Rooney Olympic Camp has partnered with the Montgomery Recreation Department to provide summer, spring and winter camps.  Fal-Rooney Coaches and Role Models will teach your child the importance of teamwork and outstanding sportsmanship all while helping them get lots of exercise and having fun.  It's like going to school but attending GYM CLASS ALL DAY, ALL WEEK!! 
     Campers participate in team & individual events, games, competitions, obstacle relays and much more.
Camper's teams are divided into smaller age-appropriate groups. Events include Hunger Games, Falcomania,  Vegas corners, M$neyball, meteor ball, dodge ball, capture the flag, scooter relays, and backyard games - just to name a few. Three days a week campers will have the option to swim in the MHS pool (shuttle service provided).
     All events are based on a point system and teams compete all week to earn the most points. Each day ends with a fun cool-down game show activity. While continuing to compete for team points, campers participate in contests such as "Show Me The Points," "Deal or No Deal," "Let's Make a Deal," "Dancing with the Campers," and "Fal-Rooney Idol."
     At the close of the week, the team who has succeeded in accumulating the highest score is awarded the coveted FAL-ROONEY CUP!

    Under the direction of Coach Rooney, each weekly session will concentrate on two Fal-Rooney Olympic sports such as Dodge Ball and Kickball, Basketball and Soccer, m$neyball and meteor ball.  Competitors will learn the origin and rules of the game and then compete in a number of exciting rounds of play.  Just like in Fal-Rooney summer camp, points will be awarded, and at the end of the final week's session, one team will be declared the Fal-Rooney League Champion!! 
    Consistent with the Fal-Rooney philosophy, the Fal-Rooney League will continue to emphasize the importance of good sportsmanship. In addition, Coaches will focus on building the self-esteem of the participants and give campers the tools and resources necessary to help them improve both their emotional and physical health.  
     The ultimate goal  is to empower its campers with a greater self-awareness, a sense of achievement and a strong foundation in team building all while making new friends, getting great exercise and having eXtreme FUN!!