How do I register?
Registration for Fal-Rooney Camps MUST BE completed through The Montgomery Township Recreation Department. The link to register online can be found here. Registration for summer camp opens March 1st. 

What are the start and end times for each of the day camps? 
Check-in time is at 9am and check-out is at 2pm for summer camps. PLEASE be sure to always sign your child both IN and OUT with an Academy Role Model. Camps held in Fall, Winter & Spring may have different start and end times. Please check the appropriate camp page for these times.

Where is camp held? 
Summer sessions of Fal-Rooney Olympic Camp are held at the Lower Middle School. Drop off and pick up are at the main entrance. During the day the athletes will be in the gym and/or in the MHS Pool. Fall, Winter & Spring sessions of Fal-Rooney Olympic Camp are held at the Otto Kaufman Community Center.

Do you offer before and aftercare?
Yes. We give you the ability to start the fun an hour earlier at 8am & continue the fun 4 hours later until check-out. Please see Fal-Rooney main page for more information and pricing. Note: There is no aftercare for one-day camps.

Do you provide lunch or snacks?
Please send your child with snacks, a bagged lunch and plenty of water to drink throughout the day. If your child would like to buy a snack at lunch time or order a slice of Genteel's pizza (Tuesday-Friday) for lunch, please send a couple of dollars with them to cover these purchases. We also offer a snack bar account option where you can deposit money into an account on the first day of camp. Any leftover money will be returned to you at the end of the week. 

What if my child has allergies, medical conditions or other special needs?
Families with children, who have food allergies or another serious life-threatening allergy, can feel safe and comfortable at our camps. We are well aware of the dangers and concerns with allergies and take our allergy procedures seriously. Upon registration (and in the morning of each camp day), our Nurse and Role Models will take special note of the children with allergies. During lunch and snack breaks, we have a separate area for children with allergies taking special care not to make campers feel alienated from other campers and teammates. At the end of each eating period, we require all campers to wash their hands. If you have any questions about our policies, please feel free to contact us. All of our Role Models and other staff members are CPR certified and EpiPen trained. If your child requires an EpiPen at camp, please be sure to place the EpiPen in a clear plastic bag along with the name of your child. This bag (and any necessary instructions) should be given to the Nurse upon check-in on the first day of camp each week.

For campers with other medical conditions or special needs, families should check in with the Nurse upon check-in on the first day of camp each week.

What should my child wear?
Your child should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. On the first day of camp your child will be given a camp team t-shirt. While it’s not necessary for the child to wear the shirt every day we encourage campers to wear their team colors throughout the week. On Tues-Thurs Fal-Rooney campers are given the option to swim, so if this is something they’d like to take part in you should pack a bathing suit and towel on those days.

Is going to the MHS pool required?
No. Campers are given the option 3 days a week to swim in the MHS pool. For those campers that opt to stay in the gym, they have free time/recess that includes a game room (knock hockey, foosball, ping pong) 4 square, kickball, art time, etc.  All campers are accompanied at both locations by our Role Models and staff.

What if my child is sick or unable to attend camp for another reason?
If your child is going to miss a day of camp, please contact the Montgomery Recreation Department at 609-466-3023. 

Do you separate children by age and grade?
Each team is comprised of campers of all ages and teams compete together throughout the day. However, for some competitions and games campers are separated into age appropriate groups.

Do I need to complete any forms for my child to participate?
Yes. The links to download the forms can be found on here. For Fal-Rooney you will need to fill out a Sportsmanship, Media and Swim release form. 

What is the coach to camper ratio?
Each team of 20-25 has two Role Models (college or high school aged). The camp Director and Assistant Directors are on location. Fal-Rooney Camp also has a full time nurse on site at all times. If your child has any medical issues/concerns we encourage you to meet with the nurse at check-in. She will keep any medications/epi-pens, etc that you bring for your child on site. 

What if I have additional questions that weren’t answered here? 
Please contact us if you have additional questions.