Fal-Rooney Olympic Camp
"If U had fun U won!"

 One-Day Camps at Otto Kaufman Center

  Thursday, September 21st 9am - 2pm

  Thursday, November 9th 9am - 2pm

  Friday, December 29th 9am - 2pm


  Age Group:
  Boys & Girls K - 8th Grade

  $69 per day 

  Registration for Fal-Rooney Camp in Montgomery can be completed online by clicking here or you can visit The Montgomery  

  Township Recreation Department at the Otto Kaufman Community Center.

                                     FAL-ROONEY PRE-GAME AND OVERTIME 

 Campers put aside their Fal-Rooney Olympic team colors and work and play together with members of other Olympic      teams. Campers spend Pre-Game warming up and preparing for the day's activities. Campers participating in Overtime  choose their own activities. Supervised games include kickball, basketball, dodge ball and bean bag toss. Overtime campers  can also choose to work on crafts, listen to music and may even watch a movie with the Overtime Coaches. Afternoon    snack is provided. 

Pre-Game: 8am - 9am 

 NOTE: No Overtime for one-day camps

 Pre-Game: $15 (per family) for one-day camps